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White River Township Fire Department

We currently serve a twenty-six square mile area with a population of approximately 52,000 people.  The area includes a large commercial strip on State Road 135, four elementary schools, two middle schools, several large churches, three large assisted living facilities, multiple apartment complexes, and thousands of single family homes.  The District spans two major highways, State Road 37 and State Road 135, which are both major thoroughfares for Indianapolis commuter traffic.


The Department employs around 120 individuals in five different divisions which include full-time firefighters, part-time firefighters and associate members.  Although staffing varies, it typically involves around twenty-four on-duty firefighters and EMS personnel per day. There are eight to ten office staff during the week.  In addition to the daily staffing of full and part-time firefighters, the department also utilizes several associate employees who are non-firefighters who serve in a support capacity to the department.  These include the department's maintenance and computer technicians as well as the department's medical director.

Mission, Vision, Focus

​The strategy developed by the District includes a mission and vision to protect the lives and property of the community, which helps the department to focus on serving the community through innovation and excellence.  The department also strives to grow to meet the needs of the community while continuing on a financially solid foundation.


The White River Township Fire Department consists of remarkable men and women that are committed to protecting the lives and property of the community while supporting each other as brother firefighters.  The men and women of the department serve in a multitude of ways including 911 responses for fire and EMS, public education, station tours, CPR training, child car seat installation, and fundraising events such as our Christmas Angels program.  Please come visit one of our stations or say hello to a firefighter the next time you one in public.


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