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After nearly four-and-a-half years in the making, Station 51 at 3016 Olive Branch Road officially opened on November 19, 2007 following seventeen months of on-site construction.  The actual planning process for the new facility began in early 2003 when the need to not only realign current and future stations was sited, but the eventual replacement of the aging Runyon Road station was also realized.  The combination of the two driving forces led to the Olive Branch Road site selection and the subsequent construction of the fire station.  The station is 15,500 square feet under roof with 4,100 of that being the apparatus bay area.  The facility was based on a maximum staffing of twelve firefighters on-duty at any one time, leaving room for future growth.


Station 52 was originally built in 1991 and opened in the spring of 1992.  This station served as the second operating station for White River Township and dramatically reduced response times to the exploding State Road 135 "corridor" as well as the entire northern end of the fire district.  Land for the building was originally sought in the area of Fairview and Peterman Roads, but due to community involvement and support, land was purchased further east at its present location at 398 Meridian Parke Lane.   In the summer of 2002, the building was heavily damaged by a late season tornado forcing a six-month hiatus from using the facility.  Ironically, this was literally days after completion of minor remodel and re-roofing project.  The crew was temporarily re-located to a Greenwood City fire station on Fry Road where a new working relationship was forged.  Today, the station serves as a popular "landmark" for many of the residents in the area as well as continues to be the most active station for the department, averaging several calls per day.


Station 53 and HQ was marked into service on November 18, 2019. The combination firehouse and headquarters consists contains 23,840 square feet of living and office space.  The building includes two floors, 3.5 bays as well as the department’s fire-ever fire pole. This station replaced the former Station 53 which is in the direct path of the I-69 project and will be demolished. WRTFD officials have worked closely with the Indiana Department of Transportation to secure funds to replace the existing firehouse.

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