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Department Divisions

Fire Chief
Jeremy Pell

Fire Chief Jeremy A. Pell began with the White River Township Fire Department as a part-time employee in 1989 and served in several capacities over the next twelve years, up to and including the rank of Division Chief.  While working at WRTFD, Jeremy started his first full-time firefighter job for the City of Noblesville in 1991.  In 1994 he went to the Warren Township Fire Department where he later became the Division Chief of Administration.  In September of 2007, Jeremy was hired by the District to lead the department into the future.  He brings with him a wealth of knowledge that includes nearly all facets of the fire service, from working as a firefighter/EMT on engines and ambulances to running a multi-million-dollar budget. 


His training includes NFPA certifications in Firefighter I/II, Fire Officer III, Safety Officer, Instructor II/III, Inspector I/II, Fire Investigator, as well as certification as an Indiana Emergency Medical Technician.  Additionally, Jeremy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an Associate's degree in Fire Science.


Serving as the department's Fire Chief, Jeremy is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the department's operations, including administering the budget, personnel management, contract negotiations, as well as providing for and maintaining fiscal responsibility.  Jeremy has a passion for his surrounding community as well. He is not only the Fire Chief, but he serves as a Johnson County Sheriff Reserve Deputy, the 2nd Vice President for the Indiana Fire Chiefs’ Association, an instructor for Indiana Department of Homeland Security, serves on the Board of Directors for the Johnson County 911 Advisory Board and the United Way Johnson County Board, and is Co-Director of Indiana K-9 Search & Recovery.


This last role as Co-Director of the Indiana K-9 Search & Recovery group plays a large part in Chief Pell’s personal and professional life.  Chief Pell is a K-9 trainer and has trained and certified 3 K-9 Search and Rescue (SAR) dogs. His current K-9, Rosie, is triple certified for land, water, and remains searching.

Pell, J - Class B.jpg

Chief of Operations
Nick Alford

Chief Alford has been in the fire service for over 25 years, and joined White River Fire Department in 1994 as a cadet, and then as employee in 1997. He served as a House Captain at Station 52 prior to appointment to chief, and shares decades of knowledge and expertise with the department. 

His favorite part of the fire service is proficiency in Engine Company Operations.

Alford, N - Class B.jpg

Support Services Chief
Kevin Skipper

Chief Skipper has been in the fire service for over three decades and joined White River Township Fire Department in 1990. As the Support Services Chief, he manages various projects to support equipment and vehicle safety and maintenance, in addition to uniform supply and fulfillment of crews.

His favorite part about being a part of the fire service is the service and support provided to the community.

Skipper, K.jpg

Personnel Administrator
Michael Arany

Michael Arany began his fire service career in 1997 when he joined the Granville Fire Department as a freshman at Denison University. He has remained an active volunteer ever since, currently serving with Bloomington Township Fire Department as a firefighter and hazardous materials team member.

Michael came to White River Township Fire Department in March of 2005 and worked as a “B-Shifter” until 2007. For the next several years he sustained his relationship with the department by returning for weekend shifts despite attending school out of state and then living and working full time in Fort Wayne. When his wife’s counseling career brought the couple to Bloomington in 2010, Michael resumed his shift and later transitioned into the challenging and rewarding field of Fire Prevention. 

Michael holds an Associate of Science degree in Paramedic Science from Ivy Tech State College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Fire Safety Engineering Technology from Eastern Kentucky University. He maintains a number of state and professional certifications and memberships.

Arany, M - Class B.jpg

Administrative Assistant 
Danielle Kachele

Danielle has been with the department since 2020. In in short time with the department she is making a strong impact by serving as Chief Pell's Administrative Assistant and also supporting bookkeeping responsibilities.

Her favorite part about being in the fire service is her goal to support the first responders in the best way she can so that they can do what they do best in helping the people of our community. In her time away from the office she enjoys spending her time with her Husband and their two sons.

Kachele, D.jpg

Administrative Assistant 
Tammy Christie

Tammy joined White River Township Fire Department as an Administrative Assistant in September of 2019.  She supports many daily tasks in the Administrative Office. She retired from Indianapolis
Power & Light after 29 years of service. Her background is that of a Purchasing Agent as well as an Administrative Assistant. What she likes most about WRTFD is the people and the atmosphere.


The fire service is a part of her family as her son-in-law is a firefighter at Greenwood Fire Department 92.  In her free time she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Christie, T.jpg

Administrative Assistant 
Tammy Miller

Tammy joined White River Township Fire Department as Administrative Assistant in January 2022 after re-locating from Phoenix Arizona.  She is originally from Illinois and has been working in Accounting & Human Resources since 1987.  Her favorite thing about WRTFD is being there to support those who are on front line helping our community every day.  “Everyone at WRTFD has been so welcoming, it is a joy to come to work every day”


In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, 2 dogs and family that live nearby. 

Miller, T.JPG
Battalion Chiefs

Battalion Chief: A Shift
Joe Settles 

Chief Settles has been in the fire service for over three decades and joined White River Township Fire Department in 1990. As a battalion Chief he manages day-to-day operations for his shift. He makes sure that his crews have what they need to be prepared to serve the community to the best of their abilities.

He enjoys being in the fire service as it provides him with the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself while serving others in their time of need.

Settles, J - Class B.jpg

Battalion Chief: B Shift
Kyle Brooks 

Chief Brooks started his fire service career in 1990 at Greenwood Fire Department. He is a part of a large fire family as his Grandpa was a Fire Chief, his Dad was a Firefighter with the City of Franklin, his brother is currently serving as a Captain at Greenwood Fire Department, and his son is on at Miami Dade Fire Rescue in Florida. Chief Brooks joined the National Guard in 1992 where he underwent training to become a combat medic. He served in the Guard for 4 years.

In 1994 he was hired full time at the Franklin Fire Department where he held the position of Firefighter and then Training Officer. He was hired full time by WRTFD in 2005 as an Engineer.  He was promoted to Lieutenant and is currently serving as the B Shift Battalion Chief.

Chief Brooks also taught the Fire Science program at Central 9 Career Center from 2006 to 2018. It is one of his greatest accomplishments, because of the positive impact it has made on the future of the fire service and young people's lives in general.

Brooks, K.jpg

Battalion Chief: C Shift
Joe Green

Chief Green began his fire service career in 1994 at White River Township Fire Department as a Cadet.  After serving active duty in the U.S. Airforce as a Firefighter, Chief Green was hired at Fishers Fire Department as a career firefighter in 2003. One year later, he was hired back at WRTFD working as a Driver Operator. He made his way through the ranks of Firefighter, Lieutenant, Captain, and was promoted to Battalion Chief in 2016. 


Chief Green holds several certifications and licenses to include Paramedic and Registered Nurse for the State of Indiana.

Green, J - Class B.jpg
House Captains

Station 51 House Captain
Casey Arkins

Captain Arkins has been in the fire service for over 26 years, and joined White River Fire Department in 1992 as a cadet, started his part time position in 1996, and transitioned to full time in 2002. He is currently the House Captain at Station 51, and oversees water rescue and structural collapse programs.

His favorite part of the fire service is helping others and constantly learning.

Arkins, C - Class B.jpg

Station 52 House Captain
Carey Slauter

Captain Slauter began his fire service with the White River Township Fire Department as a cadet in 1984 while in high school and became a part time employee in 1987.  He has served in many different roles over the years with the department.  Along with being Officer IV certified, he is a Licensed Paramedic in the state of Indiana.  Additionally, Captain Slauter holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Columbia Southern University and has completed the National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer Program.  He is also assigned to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security District 5 Incident Management Team.


Station 53 House Captain
Dale Saucier

Captain Saucier has been in the fire service for over three decades, and joined White River Township Fire Department in 2006. He currently serves at Station 53 House Captain and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the department. Captain Saucier also has an outstanding list of previous roles supported at several departments. His journey with the fire service began at Fort Fairfield, Maine Fire Department Volunteer firefighter, 1986-1992. He was a part time firefighter at Perry-Clear Creek Fire Department, 1992-1997. He was a career firefighter for the City of Franklin Fire Department, 1996-2006. and has been with this department since 2006.

The fire service is a major part of Captain Saucier's family as one of his three sons is a career firefighter. He enjoys spending time with his wife of over 27 years and their sons. His favorite part of being in the fire service is "being who they want us to be". Every child looks up to firefighters so each one should be what they see. Also the ability for a crew to be able to fix almost every problem.


"Close The Door Before You Doze"

Saucier, D - Class B.jpg

Training & Safety Chief
Corey McGaha

Chief McGaha has been in the fire service for over two decades, and joined White River Township Fire Department in 2000. Chief McGaha brings a wealth of experience to the department, including more than six years as the Training Officer at the Cordry Sweetwater Volunteer Fire Department as well as serving as their Fire Chief from 2012 to 2014. 

His philosophy as a firefighter and Training Chief: “I believe in treating the community as your family. We can have a positive impact on every community member we encounter.”

McGaha, C.jpg

Health & Safety Officer
David Scholl

Lieutenant David Scholl has been in the fire service for over two decades and joined White River Township Fire Department in 2004.

Scholl, D - Class B.jpg

EMS Chief
Rodney Hayes

Chief Hayes has been in the fire service for over four decades and joined White River Township Fire Department in 2019. He started his career in 1979 in North Terre Haute, IN at the Otter Creek Township Fire Department. After a few months as a Volunteer Firefighter he knew that is what he had to do as a career. The passion he had for the Fire Service grew very strong and he applied for a Firefighter position at the City of Terre Haute Fire Department and was hired there in June of 1981. He went to Paramedic School while at the City of Terre Haute and became a Paramedic in September of 1990. He then sought out a Firefighter/Paramedic position at the City of Beech Grove Fire Department and was hired their in December of 1990. He spent 15 years with the Beech Grove Fire Department climbed from a Firefighter/Paramedic position to the Operations Chief of the department, and worked for Dennis Buckley the Fire Chief at that time.


In February of 2005 Chief Hayes left Beech Grove Fire Department to become a Battalion Chief at Bargersville Community Fire Protection District. He retired from Bargersville in September of 2011. He continued to work as a Paramedic at a couple of different services including the IU Health Bloomington Ambulance Service. He became one of the Assistant Field Supervisors at IU Health Bloomington. He left IU Health Bloomington Hospital Ambulance Service for the opportunity to move closer to home and began to work at White River Township Fire Department in August of 2019. At White River Township Fire Department he loves the job and people. The employees are some of the best people around and he feels honored to be in a leadership role at the department with all of them.

Chief Hayes believes without hesitation that this is one of the best Fire Departments, Fire Chief and District Boards a person he could work with and ask for in his career. The level of passion among co-workers to help others is the best he's ever been around. The men and women that make up this Fire Department are truly amazing people.

Hayes, R.jpg
Fire Prevention

Fire Marshal
Braden Prochnow

Fire Marshal Prochnow has been in the fire service for over 25 years and joined White River Township Fire Department in 2017. He oversees the Fire Prevention Division which includes all code compliance and fire investigation activities within the Fire Protection District. He also reviews all site, building and fire protection plans and performs inspections throughout the construction process. Prior to becoming a part of the White River Township Fire Department, he served as a full time Firefighter/EMT with the Brownsburg Fire Territory, 1999-2017, and worked as a Fire Inspector for the Washington Township/Avon Fire Department, 2011-2017.

His favorite thing about being in the fire service is that he is in a position to help many different people on many different levels. He enjoys spending time with his wife of 21 years. He has three fantastic children. His daughter and son, plus his bonus daughter. He shared that they are the best gifts he's ever gotten.

Prochnow, B - Class B.jpg
Fire Safety Education

Life Safety Officer
Craig Zollars

          LIfe Safety Officer Zollars has been in the fire  service since 2001. Craig came to White River Township fire department in 2006 as a part time firefighter. Craig took over the Life safety office in 2008. He has since successfully built a Life Safety Education program that impacts thousands of children in our community each year.  Our program currently includes the following services:

  • CPR classes

  • Child carseat installation

  • Bicycle safety classes

  • Fire safety classes

  • Fire Station tours

  • Fire Stop program

Zollars, C.jpg
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