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Safety Trailer Programs

The White River Township Department's Fire & Severe Weather Training House is a mobile, truck-drawn trailer that includes a kitchen area with bleacher seating as well as a full bedroom mock-up.  The configuration provides children a chance to practice a safe exit from their homes in the event of a fire.  In the kitchen area of the trailer, various fire hazards are set up to help children learn to identify potential dangers.  During a simulation, non-toxic smoke is released into the room causing the smoke alarms to go off.  The children get low to the ground crawling under the smoke while feeling the door to see if it is warm.  From this point, the children are guided by a department member to a safe escape.  As part of the presentation, children are encouraged to work with their parents to develop an escape plan of their own, practice it with their family, and have a meeting place outside their home.  


The Fire Safety House gets the most use during Fire Prevention Month in October.  The Fire Safety House also makes appearances at area health and safety events throughout the Center Grove Community.  The department attempts to target children between 6 and 11 years old to learn about fire safety through the Safety House.  At events that are open to the public, parents are encouraged to go through the house with their children and learn about fire safety as well.

In addition to learning about fire safety, the trailer is also set up to educate children and parents about what to do when severe weather approaches.  It’s equipped with many special features like a weather alerting system, sound effects, strobe lights that mock the lightning effect, and full trailer movement as if it were in a high wind storm or tornado.


The department's educators have found that children find these experiences not only educational in a way that can save their lives, but that most children have a fun time going through the programs with their friends.  There is no charge for these demonstrations.  If these programs sound like something you would be interested in having at your daycare, school, church, or next special event in the Greenwood or Center Grove Community, you can all our office at 317-888-8337 or you can email Public Education Officer Craig Zollars at and get your event placed on the schedule.

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