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Residential Development Requirements
The following are the current fire code requirements for proposed residential developments within the White River Township Fire Protection District

1) In subdivisions, fire hydrants shall be spaced a maximum of 500 feet apart, measured by route of travel.  No structure shall be more than 250 feet from a fire hydrant.  Submit plans to the Fire Department for review.

2) Fire hydrants shall meet the Specifications as per the White River Township Fire Prevention and Protection Ordinance. On-site fire hydrants shall be located between the curb and sidewalk in the right-of-way. The steamer connection (large) shall face the street.

3) Fire hydrants shall be installed, functional, and approved by this office, PRIOR to any combustible construction or the storage or any combustible materials on site.

4) All fire hydrants installed shall be bagged out of service until which time the hydrant has been tested, approved and placed in-service by the Water Utility.

5) Fire apparatus access roads shall be installed and made serviceable PRIOR to the issuance of any building permits.

6) During and after construction, the fire department shall not be deterred or hindered from gaining immediate access to fire hydrants.  (IFC 508.5.4)

7) During and after construction, a 3-foot clear space shall be maintained around the circumference of fire hydrants.  (IFC       508.5.5)

8) During and after construction, fire apparatus access roads shall not be obstructed in any manner, including the parking of vehicles.  The apparatus access road shall have an unobstructed width of 20 feet at all times.  (IFC 503.4)

9) Between phases, all non-completed fire department access roads in excess of 150 feet shall be constructed with a temporary means to turnaround fire apparatus.

10) Developments of one or two family dwellings where the number of dwelling lots exceed 50 shall be provided with two separate and approved means of access.

11) If the water utility having jurisdiction requires any changes that affect the placement and location of fire hydrants or water mains, revised plans must be submitted to the Fire Department for review and approval.


12) The minimum distance between residential structures shall not be less than 16 feet.

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