B-Shift Battalion Chief

Kyle Brooks

Chief Brooks started his fire service career in 1990 at Greenwood Fire Department. Fire service runs in his family. His Grandpa was a fire chief, his dad was a firefighter with the City of Franklin, his brother is currently serving as a captain at Greenwood Fire Department and his son is a cadet with Nineveh Fire Department. Chief Brooks joined the National Guard in 1992 where he underwent training to become a combat medic. He served in the Guard for 4 years.

In 1994 he was hired full time at the Franklin Fire Department where he held the position of firefighter and then training officer. He was hired full time by WRTFD in 2005 as an engineer.  He was promoted to lieutenant and is currently serving as the B shift battalion chief.

Chief Brooks has also taught the Fire Science program at Central 9 Career Center from 2006 to the present. He feels that this is one of his greatest accomplishments, because of the positive impact it has on the future of the fire service and young people's lives in general.